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My name is Neville Pettersson and I have created the this site to help regular home owner’s like me make their own

energy at home. For more info about me check out the about page here. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.


Scam is NOT a scam. However, in terms of quality, Power4Home is NOT currently ranking on either of the solar or wind DIY guides most recommended products lists. After doing some research we found that the domain name, Power4Home, was registered on the 5th of November 2008. This makes the site reasonably new. You can tell a lot about a product by it's age. This seems to correspond with the fact that the site contents, blog posts, articles and questions are very limited at this stage.

The skinny content on the site doesn't indicate that Power4Home is a scam, rather that this site is just over 2 years old and resources and tools are still being created. The domain name is also registered at Godaddy, which is a US based domain registrar. The registrant is also from the states. The data show that the person who registered this site is from Scottsdale, Arizona.

In order to dispel the Power4Home scam truth once and for all you could go ahead and look up the name John Russel in the Scottsdale phone directory and give him a call. However, we feel that this is a bit over the top and the fact that the products seem reasonable and John Russel is not trying to hide, all indicate further that Power4Home is not a scam.

John Russel

Actually, the fact that John Russel is in Scottsdale, Arizona further adds to his credibility because Arizona has one of the most densely populated proportion of off the grid homes in the states. Solar and wind power systems are highly viable options in this environment due to the good sunlight and prevailing winds. There are lots of free resources on the Power4Home site for you to view, read and download.

These are designed to provide you with a little bit of value and also to give you an indication of the standard of the paid product should you wish to go ahead and buy it. The free section includes a blog which contains 11 blog posts. These posts provide useful information on some sort of power saving tip or home maintenance job.

The majority of these posts have useful videos clips which seem to be rather professionally made. The video quality is good and the guy in the video seems credible (not sure if this is really John Russel), which gives a good impression.


Products which exhibit this kind of professionalism are usually not scams, and this is truly the case here, the Power4Home scam thing is not at all true. This product is the real deal. However, just because it is for real does not make it the best in the field.

Power4Home also has an articles section and an FAQs section where members and the general public can submit questions. The tips section with 7 articles related to power saving and home maintenance. The information is fairly useful and informative.

Most of these tips are good value as they involve things most people would not normally think about. There is also a growing FAQs section where members can submit questions directly to John Russel. Currently there are 8 questions which also provide useful info from other users.

In general, this site contains far too much work and credibility to be considered a scam. The whole Power4home scam theory is not justified at all. This site has been in operation for more than 2 years now out of Arizona and is steadily building more and more all the time.

Power4Home Review

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Power 4 Home



November 2008


John Russel

Click Here For The Power 4 Home Site

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Power 4 Home is NO longer available for sale due to some complications with Clickbank (the company providing credit card and payment services for Power 4 Home).

The website still remains live and is still providing services to its current customers, however it is uncertain when new members will be able to join.

Keep reading for our review of Power 4 Home.

What Is Power 4 Home?

What exactly is Power4Home and is it a scam? Who is John Russel and is he a real person? Well, we have done the research and background checks and the following article explains exactly what we found.

Power4Home is essentially a paid member site which gives you detailed guides and instructions on how to build your own solar panels and also how to create your own wind generator. The price for this system is $49.97. This gives you member access to the site and also downloadable ebooks, videos and plans.

Continued below….

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